AESC’s Oncology Department’s New Lymphoma Treatment Receives Local Media Attention

Knoxville News Sentinel spotlights cases of canine lymphoma treated with Tanovea at AESC. Animal Emergency & Specialty Center’s new treatment option for canine lymphoma, the chemotherapy drug Tanovea, is gaining awareness around the Knoxville area. The Knoxville News Sentinel recently posted this article following the stories of two patients treated with Tanovea at Animal Emergency & Specialty Center. In the … Read More »

The Rabies Safety Refresher

Rabies is almost certainly fatal, and entirely preventable. At Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Knoxville, rabies is never out of mind. It may be easy to take rabies control for granted. However, rabies is very much alive and a threat to your pet and community. September 28 is World Rabies Day, Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Knoxville would … Read More »

Parrot Behavior Workshop

Want to better communicate with your parrot? Parrots make beautiful, interesting pets that can live a human’s lifetime. However, a parrot’s body language may not be as easy to decipher as a dog’s wagging tail. Learn what to expect from your relationship with your parrot in a Parrot Behavior Workshop led by Phoenix Landing and hosted at Animal Emergency & … Read More »

Hope for Canine Lymphoma Comes to Animal Emergency & Specialty Center

A pet’s cancer diagnosis is a nightmare that breeds uncertainty and concern for any pet parent. Every step towards better treatment has the potential to change lives. Canine lymphoma is a common cancer that attacks a dog’s white blood cells. It’s often diagnosed after finding enlarged lymph nodes. The standard of treatment for canine lymphoma is a multi-drug chemotherapy protocol … Read More »

Confirmed Case of Canine Influenza in Knoxville

This week, Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Knoxville treated a confirmed case of canine influenza in a dog who was boarded at a Knoxville kennel with a dog who had attended a dog show in Georgia. This three-year-old hound became acutely ill with respiratory symptoms while boarding. She presented to Animal Emergency & Specialty Center five days after symptoms began. … Read More »


Animal Emergency & Specialty Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Jeff Phillips has been named Specialty Director and Dr. Nikki Branam has been named Hospital Administrator. Preeminent veterinary oncologist Dr. Jeff Phillips is known for his astute medical care, research, teaching, and compassionate care of clients and patients. He has served the community diligently. Moving into his new role … Read More »

Jessica: An Oncologic Surgical Case Study

  Cancer is a devastating diagnosis for any pet. Thankfully for pet owners in the greater Knoxville area, there is hope…even for extreme cases. The skill and ingenuity of the veterinary specialists at Animal Emergency & Specialty Center helped extend Pamela Williams’ dog’s life. Ten years ago, Pamela adopted Jessica, a two-year-old West Highland White Terrier from a local rescue. Jessica was found by … Read More »

WBIR TV Features Dr. Baine

  An East Tennessee veterinarian specializes in birds but cares for all kinds of exotic animals. She received a recent visit from Gorby and his owner. Gorby is a 28 year old parrot. He has arthritis and a problem with plucking his own feathers but that’s improving. “He was just completely just fuzzy with the little grey feathers but he’s … Read More »

Dr. Katherine Baine Featured in Newspaper Article

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center’s avian & exotic veterinarian, Dr. Katherine Baine, was recently featured in this Knoxville article: Avian and exotic veterinarian Katherine Baine never quite knows what to expect from her day when she wakes up each morning. She might perform an ultrasound on a koi fish or stitch up a hedgehog. Baine accepts patients of just about any … Read More »

Donation to Dogs on Deployment

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center made a donation to Dogs on Deployment, a non-profit organization that supports our men and women in our military by boarding their pets while they are aware on deployment. Innovetive Petcare and its clinics financially support our employees, their causes, and the communities in which they are involved through employee-directed charitable giving. The funds that were … Read More »

Animal Emergency Specialty Center Features Unique Radiation Therapy to Treat Cancer

Animal Emergency and Specialty Center is pleased to offer a unique form of radiation therapy to treat cancer. Effective cancer therapy requires a team of professionals that can handle all aspects of patient care along with access to all of the latest treatment modalities. AESC’s team of board certified veterinary surgeons and oncologists are the most experienced in the region … Read More »

Antifreeze Poisoning in Pets

Warm is out, and cold is on its way in! It’s time to start thinking about cool weather pet hazards. For example, did you know antifreeze is extremely poisonous to your pets? Ethylene glycol, the main ingredient in almost all major antifreeze brands, has an inviting aroma, and a sweet flavor. Because of its appealing smell and taste, animals and … Read More »

AESC Participates in Clinical Trial of New Canine Lymphoma Drug

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center has been selected to participate in the clinical trial of Aratana Therapeutic’s new canine lymphoma drug. AESC is the only hospital in the region selected to participate in the clinical trial. AESC’s oncology department is headed by Dr. Jeffrey Phillips, DVM, MSpVM, Ph.D., DACVIM, who is heading the trial. Cancer is a devastating disease not … Read More »

Dr. Baine Awarded 2015 Donald W. Zantop Emerging Leader Award

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Katherine Baine, the head of our Avian and Exotics department, is the recipient of the 2015 Donald W. Zantop Emerging Leader Award by the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) for her work in avian medicine. Recipients were selected based on the following criteria: • Leadership • Education of veterinarians, veterinary students, and technicians … Read More »

Volunteering at Dogs on Deployment

On top of busy work schedules, school, and family time, employees of Animal Emergency & Specialty Center find the time to give back to the community with the company supported BRIDGE program. Recently, six of our employees — Ashley Shively, Renae Danielle, Kaitlyn Hess, Jennifer Hill-Hoskins, Shannon Lovejoy, and Katie Brown — volunteered their time at Dogs on Deployment, a … Read More »

Hush Puppies K-9 Center

It was on June 9th that our clinic lead by our Senior Technician Supervisor Amanda McBean attended a kids camp located at Hush Puppies K-9 Center. It was here the kids would come daily for a week learning the importance of proper animal care through many pet friendly activities. This camp was wonderfully designed for the children to build their … Read More »

Baby Pig Exam

This sweet pig would do most anything for a belly rub during his exam this week! We recommend vaccination, early spaying or neutering, and yearly exam with fecal parasite screen for all pet pigs. To learn more about our avian & exotic services, please call us today at (865) 693-4440

CPR Class for Service Dogs

On Saturday April 25th AESC had a special opportunity to give back to it’s local law enforcement and working K9’s. Our hospital opened it’s doors for a CPR course designed around active K9 units and their handlers. The course would provide key life stabilizing techniques for on the job hazards the teams could encounter. F. Shane Brasfield owner of canine … Read More »